Insertion Electromagnetic Flow Meter

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    Product details

    Insertion electromagnetic flow meter 

    Item No.:DG-EFM003 

    MOQ:1 pc


    Degao insertion electromagnetic flowmeter is equipped with a pressure-opening and pressure-mounting technology. It can be installed without cutting off the water supply. It can also be installed on cast iron pipes, cement pipes, and integrated installation of flow, pressure and remote transmission,simple installation,waterproof IP68, strong anti-interference ability, can provide pressure measurement and two-way high-precision flow measurement, reliable measurement, can detect the real flow mutation of the pipeline, is the ideal flow meter for leak detection. At the same time, with GPRS remote meter reading system, a wireless real-time monitoring system integrating flow and pressure measurement, data acquisition, transmission and remote control is formed, so that it can be managed through system area management,analysis combined with the flow, pressure of monitoring point and other information. Dynamic control of leakage in the pipe network area, timely normal management, can greatly reduce the leakage rate. It can help factories and water departments to strengthen the management of the users, effectively reduce leakage rate, reduce non-revenue water, improve work efficiency, and achieve profitability.

    Main application

    The battery-powered insertion electromagnetic water meter is designed for the water industry, meets the urban water supply, provides information management services, and ensures the calculation of accurate water. It is widely used in places where there is no power supply, such as urban water supply, sewage treatment, water conservancy projects and other water management industry. It upgrades the result management of meter reading to process management, on-line installation without cutting off the water supply. It is the best choice of pipe network metering and monitoring in water supply enterprise.

    Our Core advantage

    ● Sensors and converters are fully self-developed, with complete hardware and software development and testing laboratories.

    ● High accuracy:1% / (0,1 ~ 6,0 m/s)

    ● Outstanding repeatability: 0.2%, the unique small-volume probe ensures minimal interference to the pipeline flow field, and can accurately detect the true flow mutation of the water supply pipe network. (patented technology)

    ● High reliability: The sensor and converter protective housing are all made of 304 stainless steel. The water meter can be used for a long time in a highly polluted environment. The service life of the whole machine can reach 20 years.

    ● Super anti-interference: Strong anti-electromagnetic interference capability, accurate measurement in a strong electromagnetic environment. In the case of serious interference sources such as inverters and pumps,it can still be used normally.

    ● Ultra-low micro power consumption: Ensure that the service life of the battery over 6 years, lithium battery service life is long (for battery type).

    ● The meter reading system has good compatibility: It can be compatible with the remote meter reading system of some  manufacturers to avoid waste of resources of customers.

    ● Multi-parameter monitoring and Internet of Things technology can simultaneously detect pipe network pressure, flow, integrated installation and remote transmission.

    ● Optional meter reading method: Optional GPRS module and NB-loT module for remote meter reading, or 485 module can be directly connected to the customer's industrial control system for meter reading.

    ● With pipe installation interchangeability: With unique adjustable technology for telescopic rod. The Degao insertion electromagnetic water meter removed from the DN100 pipe can be directly installed on the DN3000 pipe for normal use. One investment, multiple returns. It is the best choice for metering and monitoring of water supply and water enterprise pipe network.

    ● The adjustable insertion electromagnetic water meter with ball valve,not only the rod is very thin, the weight is light, and it can be installed and disassembled without cutting off the water supply, which is very convenient.

    ● Low cost: Compared with the general electromagnetic flowmeter, the manufacturing cost and installation cost are low, especially suitable for large and medium diameter pipe flow measurement;

    ● GPRS remote transmission meter reading times: 6 times a day to upload data, to meet the customer's requirements for the frequency of meter reading.

    ● NB-loT remote meter reading to realize real-time meter reading: Adopts NB-loT module developed by our company, which can realize 12 times of uploading data every day.

    Technical parameter

    Nominal diameter


    Nominal pressure

    ≤1.6Mpa (special pressure can be customized)



    Measurement range

    0.1 ~ 6m / s

    Measuring medium (conductivity)


    Medium temperature

    -10 °C ~ 120 °C

    Ambient temperature

    -25 °C ~ 60 °C

    Power supply mode

    3.6V/DC built-in lithium battery power supply,continuous working time of more than 6 years,split converter supportsAC220 power supply,3.6V/DC internal lithium battery power supply

    Electrode material

    16L stainless steel, HC, HB, titanium, tantalum, niobium / tantalum alloy (optional)

    Connection method

    insertion ball valve connection

    Structural form

    integrated type, split type (optional)

    Protection level:

    integrated IP68;

    split sensor IP68; converter IP65

    Display mode

    LCD large-screen backlit LCD display, full English menu, automatic bidirectional measurement, simultaneous display of instantaneous flow, flow rate, pressure, cumulative total amount of forward and reverse, battery power, clock and alarm prompt

    Output signal

    4~20mA output (split type, external power supply required), pulse output, frequency output 1~5000Hz arbitrary setting

    Communication method

    RS232/RS485 interface; GPRS wireless data remote transmission / NB-IoT

    Customer installation


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